Welcome to the World of Gladiators!

In Gladiator Manager you get a team of gladiators to your command. Your mission is to lead your team to the League Championship!

The game is a mix of strategy, RPG and manager games. You manage a team of gladiators in a world of Sword & Sorcery! You hire fantasy gladiators like strong minotaurs, wise wizards and brave knights to your team. You also buy weapons, armors and spells to them. Then you command them to battles against other teams! The rules of the battle are simple: the team that has the last man (or woman, or beast) standing is the winner of the match.

Now you can manage your gladiators in Mobile Phone!

The first mobile version of the Gladiator Manager is free, so please check from the Download Page does your Mobile Phone fill the requirements of the game, download the game and start playing!