Gladiator Manager has some similarities to the numerous football manager games, but the matches are even more brutal than on the football fields. You hire gladiators and equip them with weapons, armours and spells so that your team has a chance to survive on the bloody fields of gladiator fights.

There are various different gladiator classes, for example wise Wizards, agile and tough Barbarians and extremely strong Minotaurs. Gladiators have a set of weapon and magic skills that improve by experience. All classes have some weaknesses and strengths, that you must master before you have a chance to match the top teams of the League.

The battles are held in different arenas and shown using 2D-graphics. You give orders to your gladiators as they move on the battlefield, use their melee and missile weapons and cast spells. The rules of the battle are simple: the team that has the last man (or woman, or beast) standing is the winner of the match.

Test do you have the skills to be the Gladiator Manager!